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A quick and easy New Years’ Eve play idea!

NYE Confetti Drop activity

Looking for a quick activity for ¬†your kids on New Years’ Eve? This is the perfect low-prep activity while you’re making those appies or dinner. Just pull out the paper recycling and any other papers you want to purge from your house. If you’re like me you might want to use this as an opportunity to declutter a bit, and just take a quick walk around the house to find papers you no longer need.

I found gift bags and wrapping from Christmas, some old cards I’ve kept for 10+ years and I know I’ll never really use, some scrap paper in my office, and broken party decor that I probably should have recycled long ago.

Then, I set my kids up at a SensaTable and later on the floor with a big sheet under them. The mission? To cut up or rip up as much paper as possible into tiny pieces!!!

We will pin this to the ceiling in an old hammock (but you can use a sheet, or a garbage bag) and pull on it at the New Year countdown. Incidentally, that happens to be at around 7pm at our house before the littlest ones are in bed…

The kids will love having all that ‘confetti’ fall on them. More importantly, they’ll have fun developing their fine motor skills as they rip up the papers, and you’ll have your hands free while prepping for the night!

Happy New Year!