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A Super Simple Sensory Activity – Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin sensory play

Gutting pumpkins for Halloween can be a messy chore…or you can turn it into a sensory treat that your kids will love!

We washed, gutted and then drilled pretty patterns into our pumpkin together. Then washed it again (the washing part was a big hit especially with our two year old). 

**You will need:**

A great sensory table like this one

A medium size pumpkin

A knife to cut the top of the pumkin

Some spoons, measuring cups, or any other fun instruments to scoop with

A candle and matches

A drill and different size drill bits

Some markers (we used washable ones so the kids could ‘wash’ the pumpkins again at the   


Also great to have:

A blanket under the table with anti skid mat, for easy clean up


We used a deep bin for the pumpkin. It was just the right height so the kids could reach into it and feel around the pumpkin. We also used two smaller bins, one to stash the little utensils for scooping with, and another for warm soapy water. The kids dunked their hands in there if the pumpkin goop felt too gross on their hands.


Once the pumpkin top was removed, my husband and I helped the kids scrape the inside of the pumpkin with a spoon. Then the fun of feeling and scooping out the slimy pumpkin guts began! 

We filled the large bin with some warm soapy water and the kids used washcloths and little cups to rinse out the pumpkin. 


Once it dried we used washable markers to draw patterns on it. 


We drilled different sized holes wherever the kids said they should go!


Then put a candle in it and ran to the bathroom to see what it looks like in the dark. 


Pretty magical, eh?

Our two year old is begging to do this all again…so much fun!

Happy Halloween!!

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